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Palazzo delle Prigioni

Curator of Taiwan Exhibition / Hongjohn Lin

Participating Artists / VIVA,Kuo-min Lee,Huang-chen Tang,Shih-chieh Huang,Ming-liang Tsai

Borrowing from the observations of German sociologist Helmut Wilke about new cultural topologies arising in the midst of globalization, the exhibition responds to issues related to the dissolution of borders by globalization, such as the shrinking of the world's territories, superimpositions of space, and urbanization. Furthermore, it reflects upon the special context of Taiwan within the logic of globalization.

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    Group photo of the curator and participating artists at the venue of the Taiwan Exhibition at the 52th Venice Biennale (from left: VIVA, Mingliang Tsai, Huang-chen Tang, Kuo-min Lee, Shih-chieh Huang and Hongjohn Lin/ Curator)

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    Mixed media and perfomance, 2007

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    Huang-chen Tang
    I Go Traveling V / A Post Card with Scenery
    Mixed media and action in Korea/
    Taiwan/France/Italy, 2003–2007

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    Kuo-min Lee
    Uncle Beauty, Living Room. Treasure Hill
    Lambda semi-transparency print,

  • ATOPIA-Image5

    Ming-liang Tsai’s work
    It’s a Dream
    photographed at the exhibition venue

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    Shih-chieh Huang
    Mixed media, 2007

ATOPIA-Key Visual
Works on Display
  • Ming-liang Tsai
    It's a Dream
    35mm film transferred to DVD
    21' 54'"
    Collection of Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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